How STEP Warmfloor was a "Dream Come True" for Homeowner

Days' Cottages Cape Cod

Over the years, we’ve encountered many customers with heating challenges. Some are big and some are small. STEP Warmfloor radiant heat can offer solutions to many issues that make it difficult to create a warm and comfortable environment. Today we’ll talk about one of these spaces.

In North Truro, MA, along the Cape Cod National Seashore, you’ll find the Days’ Cottages. These iconic little white houses with the green trim were the vision of Joseph Days. Days bought the property along what would later become Route 6A in 1910. It wasn’t until after the depression hit in 1929 that Days decided to put his dream into action, utilizing idle construction workers from his company F.A. Days and Company. Days started with 5 cottages, however, there was a problem. Not one of the cottages they built were actually on Days land! That issue was quickly rectified when he purchased the land. He then realized that he had room for even more cottages. In 1931 Days opened Days’ Cottages and Self Service Market. This proved to be very profitable. Over the years, Days added to the original 9 cottages bringing the total cottages to 22 that are there today. Each cottage bears the name of a flower, Zinnia, Dahlia, Peony, Tulip, Lilac, Marigold, Wisteria among others, thus they’re often referred to as the “Flower Cottages”.

For more than 80 years, Days’ Cottages attracted visitors from all over the world, many of them visiting year after year. The cottages had also been handed down through the family, from Joe to his son Bernard and finally to Bernard’s son, who is also named Joe, in 1991. The younger Joe ran the business like his father did, and his father’s father before him. That was until 2014 when Days decided that it was time to retire. Days and his wife, Cindy, wanted to move on to the next phase in their lives and decided to sell off the cottages as condos. According to WBUR Boston, the Zoning Commission placed restrictions on the property so that it will retain its colors, flower names, and overall structure. Joe Days called that “a good thing”. It will also retain the name Days’ Cottages but will have the word Condominium added to it.

It was one of these cottages, Wisteria to be exact, that enlisted Stonestreet Distribution to solve some unique issues in heating the little house. Even though these cottages can only be used for 3 seasons out of the year, it was important to add an efficient heating system to keep the occupants warm on those chilly spring and fall days. Though, due to the close proximity of the cottage to the ocean, building codes restrict the placement of a heating system on the lower level. Also, in outlying areas, use of home heating oil and natural gas were not an option. Additionally, because of the small space, there were limited areas to where a furnace could be placed.

Using STEP Warmfloor for the Wisteria Cottage was the perfect solution for this small project where every inch counts. At only 615 square feet this tiny house was able to add reliable, energy efficient radiant heat. The system designer was able to locate one of the low voltage step-down transformers behind the bed in the master bedroom and the other upstairs in the loft area. This gave the homeowner a silent and invisible whole home heating system that will provide consistent, comfortable radiant heat for years to come.

The homeowner, Susan, was absolutely delighted with the results. She stated “I never thought that radiant heat was an option for my cottage. The STEP Warmfloor system is perfect because it could be installed under my hardwood floors and the system was nearly invisible for my small space. This is a dream come true…”

Whether you’re looking for commercial radiant heating or residential radiant heating, we offer solutions, big and small, to any challenges you might face. Give us a call today to see how we can provide you or your clients with extremely versatile radiant heating.

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