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STEP Warmfloor is designed to meet the demands of consumers and professionals alike. With its superior quality and reliability, 20 year warranty and 0% failure rate, you can rest assured that you’re providing your clients with the best radiant heating solution on the market.

STEP Warmfloor AEC Daily Continuing Education Credits on a Laptop

We offer the tools and resources you need to learn about STEP Warmfloor and easily integrate it into your design, providing increased comfort and energy efficiency to your clients.

AECDaily, the largest provider of FREE online continuing education credits for architects, engineers, contractors and other construction professionals, offers a course on STEP Warmfloor Radiant Heat. This course is approved for credits for AIA, GBCI, AIBD and many more. The course will provide you an overview of our self-regulating polymer technology and the performance benefits of using PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heaters for energy efficient floor warming, primary heating, snow melting and roof deicing.

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Design Flexibility and Superior Comfort for Your Clients

STEP Warmfloor is unlike any other radiant heating system on the market today. The entire 12" wide, self-regulating, semiconductive core allows the entire element to conduct heat, instead of the traditional "heat mat" that relies on small wires or hydronic systems that utilizes tubes of heated water. This creates a more efficient system that requires no maintenance.  

STEP Warmfloor is easy to design around. Our thin (1.2 mm) element requires minimal floor build up. We eliminate the need for boilers and ductwork as well as unsightly radiators and baseboards. The STEP element can also be used under any flooring type, including hardwood.

The use of STEP Warmfloor can contribute points towards the LEED Credits.



STEP Warmfloor element with a ladder on itInstallation is Easy and Provides More Comfort and Peace of Mind for your Clients

The heating element is thin (1.2mm) and flexible, it gets cut on and wired on site for maximum versatility. It’s extremely durable and can tolerate the heavy traffic of a construction site. You can also nail or staple directly into the heating element.

STEP Warmfloor doesn’t use tubes or cables to heat, this means there is a 0% failure rate and it is maintenance free.


Professional Floor Installers

Easy Installation Under any Flooring Type

STEP Warmfloor can be installed directly under any flooring type, including carpet and hardwood. The element is safe, low voltage and since it’s self-regulated, it will never overheat. The element will not exceed 85° and will not damage hardwood, engineered wood or laminate floors. You can nail or staple directly into the element.

For installation under tile flooring, the element can be placed directly under thinset, under cement board, under waterproof or uncoupling membranes, it’s compatible with whatever installation method you prefer. For a complete guide on all flooring types, please see our Flooring Options Guide.

If you have any further assistance, our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any question you have before, during or after installation.

For Installation Instructions and Information please download one of our guides below.

STEP Warmfloor Architects Specifications

STEP Warmfloor Low Voltage Installation Manual

STEP Roof Deicing Installation Manual

STEP Snowmelt Installation Manual

STEP Touch Thermostat Installation and Operation Manual

STEP Micro Prog Installation and Users Guide




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