Green Heating

With STEP Warmfloor®, we provide the ultimate solution for eco-friendly & sustainable heating. All products, services, and processes involved with the system are designed to be green. Our energy efficient heating technology uses up to 60% less energy than a traditional heating system.

Green Heating

Sustainable & Energy Efficient Heating

With STEP Warmfloor®, we provide the ultimate solution for eco-friendly & sustainable heating. All products, services, and processes involved with the system are designed to be green. Our energy efficient heating technology uses up to 60% less energy than a traditional heating system. 

Certified GREENER Product

STEP Warmfloor® is certified by Greener Product LLC which demonstrates that a product has been evaluated and complies with the LEED, LEED for Homes and NAHB green building standards using internationally recognized third-party certification organizations, laboratory test results and/or other supporting documentation.

Learn more about What is a Greener Product Seal


Contributes Towards LEED Credits

The use of STEP Warmfloor® can contribute points towards the following LEED Credits:

  • Integrative Process (IP) - The products manufactured for the use of STEP Warmfloor® are designed to offer energy efficient systems and are backed by calculations, consumption analyses and third-party testing. The STEP® heating elements are low-voltage, can operate on AC or DC power, and can be powered by alternative energy sources.
  • Innovation (IN) - Incorporating the use of STEP Warmfloor’s Nano-technology heating system into any project provides an innovative heating system designed around sustainability.
  • Materials and Resources (MR) - In the manufacturing process most of the materials and waste are recycled and reused. Our heating systems are designed for the versatility of being cut and wired on-site to eliminate any excess. Any excess material on a job can be recycled, as the elements are made from recycled materials.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) - The heat distribution from the STEP® heating system enhances thermal comfort and indoor air quality. The system maintains optimal room temperature and does not burn or blow dust around to aggravate people with allergies or respiratory problems.
  • Energy and Atmosphere (EA) - STEP Warmfloor® is designed for ultimate energy efficiency. The Nanotechnology allows you to use less energy than any other heating system, greatly reducing KWH. There are no harmful gasses or emissions produced during operation.


Sustainable Building Material

STEP Warmfloor® is the most sustainable heating system for any home or commercial space. Guaranteed to last with no maintenance.

STEP Warmfloor Heating Element

  • No moving parts
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • No Boiler, Ductwork or Piping
  • 0% Failure Rate

Preferred Heating System For GREEN Buildings Everywhere

  • Best of GREENBUILD last 2 years
  • Made from non-hazardous, recyclable materials that are eco-friendly
  • No harmful gasses or emissions
  • 0% waste during manufacturing

AC / DC Compatible

STEP Warmfloor® is compatible with alternative energy sources and is the ideal heating solution for any home or building that incorporates the use of solar or wind power. The Elements can operate on AC power using our step-down transformer, but also can operate directly on DC power using our STEP DC Controller.

Energy Efficiency

Efficiency for The Modern Age: STEP Warmfloor® is the most energy efficient radiant floor heating solution available. Utilizing our proprietary Self-Regulating PTC Nanotechnology allows you to incorporate radiant heat into every room, under any floor type.

  • Technology: The nanoparticle makeup of the element allows it to reduce the amount of energy it consumes when it reaches the desired room temperature.
  • Go Green: In the past, electric heating has not been cost efficient. We can help save the environment while saving you money on heating costs.
  • Net-Zero: We provide the electric heat that has been missing from efficient electric homes. We are the solution to Net-Zero heating


What Makes STEP Warmfloor® More Efficient?

  • STEP 1: Create Heat Closer To the Floor

    STEP Warmfloor® low-voltage (24v), flat heating elements can be placed safely closer to the finished floor than any other radiant heat system. With less mass to heat, the system reacts faster to temperature changes and quickly regulate its heat output. This eliminates the disadvantage of a large thermo-bed heating the house when the ambient temperature does not require additional heat.

    • The heating elements can run on a lower temperature to maintain your desired room temp.
    • All of the heat created by the heating elements is transferred directly into the floors with no heat loss
  • STEP 2: Provide Unmatched Heat Distribution

    STEP Warmfloor® low-voltage (24v), flat heating elements cover more floor area than any other radiant heat. When installed, the 12" wide elements cover over 60% of the floor, thereby warming evenly the floor with a lower temperature. This provides an efficient and even heat distribution and minimizes power consumption.

    With a reduced operating temperature there is less heat loss to the ground. E.g.. A water tubing system would require a higher temperature (120°F) compared to STEP Warmfloor® (84°F) increasing the temperature loss to the ground from 5W to 10W.

  • STEP 3: Even Continuous Heat with Self-Regulation

    The nanoparticle makeup of the STEP Warmfloor® heating element allows it to reduce the amount of energy consumed when it reaches the desired temperature required to heat the space. During use, they system operates while only using the amount of energy necessary to maintain the desired room temperature

    The Self-Regulating Element Acts As a Floor Sensor

    When the ambient temperature increases, the morphology of the polymer structure changes and the particles separate reducing the points of contact between each other. As the electrical resistance increases less current can circulate and the emission of heat decreases. When the ambient temperature is cold, these particles are closer to one another permitting a greater passage of electrical current and thereby generating more calorific power.

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